Do you know Genius Light?


it is iwatatech company production of a photographic lighting one of the characteristics of the product, the product is called Genius Light, type is GL - 01.Data and battery indicator light, built-in rechargeable lithium battery.Camera light is also called camera light, headlight, news light, etc.Its main function is to provide auxiliary light when shooting in the absence of light conditions, so as to get a reasonable picture material.The camera supplementary light has excellent control performance such as adjusting brightness, color temperature and displaying the remaining electric quantity.Before the camera light are halogen bulbs, external power supply.It is now obsolete.Most of the LED supplementary light is used.Due to its high light efficiency, low voltage, small volume, long life, fast response speed, strong earthquake resistance, energy saving, environmental protection and other characteristics and spread quickly.The new generation of camera supplementary light lamps all use LED light-emitting diode as the luminous body and use rechargeable batteries for power supply.There are also some parts of the external power supply mode.

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