Genius light series product specifications

GL – 01 as Mr Iwata technology companies for the first type of the product catalog, its main use is photography lighting and lighting, adopts the most advanced OLED display, color temperature range between 3000 k to 5500 k is enough to meet the needs of photography enthusiasts, but its distinctive appearance even more striking: pocket size, ultra-thin lightweight aircraft grade aluminum CNC, 45 ° Angle cutting polishing.Highly innovative internal circuitry and advanced LEDS ensure its compact design.More techniques can be experienced in practice using GL-01.Precise color rendering, adjustable color temperature, no flicker, built-in battery, efficient power management, status and parameters displayed on the monitor screen make it outstanding, and GL-01 sets the standard for mobile photography/video light.Its advantages are reflected in the color adjustable mild bright, data and battery indicator light, ultra-thin and lightweight, built-in rechargeable lithium battery.At the same time, it is one of the most popular, well-received, and most visited products by customers.

Post time: 2020-12-10