How to choose OLED camera light correctly?


With the development of photographic equipment and the popularization of photographic technology,photography is more and more integrated into our life and work.How to choose LED camera light?Five tips for buying LED camera lights!Whether self-time, in daily life fun moments captured or is the professional product photography, if you want to shoot well, photography lights can say is a indispensable equipment, however, various types of LED video light not only on the market, and quality is uneven, cause a lot of people do not know how to start, when buying LED video light in order to make the general photography enthusiasts to better understand the performance characteristics of LED video light and LED video light when the choose and buy less detours.As a professional production camera lamp equipment company, the following for you to introduce, up to now, the market is full of such products.And are using LED beads, lithium batteries.Now our company not only produces LED series products but also more advanced OLED camera lamps.They are very similar to each other, they are small volume, beautiful appearance, moderate color temperature, light distance, high brightness, uniform, simple operation, are suitable for photographers to use.To be specific, the lighting of the camera lamp refers to its appearance, brightness, color temperature, uniformity, Angle and distance.

1.Volume and shape.

Because the cameraman is a professional occupation, no matter professional camera or ordinary household camera, its appearance is very eye-catching.What does a bulky, old-fashioned or weirdly shaped camera light do to others?Does it seem like the cameraman isn't a professional?So the volume of the camera lamp should be a little smaller, the appearance should be beautiful, some fashion.

2. color temperature

Under normal circumstances, the most appropriate color temperature should be 5400K. The color temperature of our LED lights is between 3000K and 5500K.As we know, the film used to take pictures is based on the color temperature of 5400K.The color temperature of 6000K and above will be high, and the picture taken will be cooler.You can shoot a horror movie with a high color temperature above 6000K.Some people like to use about 4500K color temperature, the picture will be warm white.Something warm and romantic would be perfect.


"Luminance" is the brightness of the flash, which is measured in terms of an index, with illumination of 40,000 Lux and an ISO100 time cycle of 4 exposures of 1/1000 of a second.An exponential 32 flash in 1/1000 of the time with ISO100 aperture 4 is 32/4=8 metre.The shooting area of 8 meters under 35mm lens is 62 square meters.Therefore, the instantaneous flux of the flash with an exponent of 32 is 40,000 Lux * 62 m2, which is equal to the instantaneous luminance: 2.5 million lumens.

4.Lighting Angle

The light Angle of low-power LED camera lamp should be about 75 degrees, which is necessary to achieve wide-width shooting.This is also a small power LED camera lamp can do the maximum.

5.Uniformity of light distribution

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If you have figured out the above five points, you can correctly buy the OLED camera lamp you want. If you still don't understand it, you can consult our customer service at any time. Our company will help you solve your doubts!

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