Dige Nugu̲je

Iwata Technology Limited ge 'nar empresa tecnología innovadora ne mextha tecnología, comprising of R&D center/ processing plant and head office in Guangzhou, Ntxinä, empresa yá 'ma Hong Kong SAR ne oficina enlace jar Tokio, Japón. Ga centramos ko ar iluminación, nja'bu komongu ja ya accesorios pa ar fotografiya, video ne film shooting.

Our young and creative R&D team worked on high-end industrial instrument for years and keeps the preciseness and reliability. We have complete production line for both industrial and consumer products. With the belief of “artisan spirit”, we put safety above all, love to innovate, make the design comply with industrial standard and meet the professional needs, for the best user’s experience.

In 2017 we launched iwata/iwata-Tech brand for portable lighting product, which so far has become the consumersfavorite. Now we are expanding our sales territory and will keep moving, building up better life for people with quality products.