Six tips for shooting short videos on your phone with the aid of video lights


Now we use mobile phones to shoot short videos, can be said to be common, but many people shoot video is not very good, it does not look particularly good.So, today, I'm going to give you six tips on how to shoot video on your mobile phone, which can improve the shooting effect.

Tip 1: Stability is important

Under normal circumstances, people are more likely to look at a clear picture, whether it's a video or a photo, unless it's deliberately intended for artistic effect.The sharpness of the video is the most important thing, and the stability of the picture quality is the key to the definition of the video. Therefore, in the case of shooting mobile video, try to hold the mobile phone firmly.

Tip 2: Try strange angles

For starters, shooting from a normal Angle is the easiest and most mundane thing to see. A slight change in Angle can make a big difference.Try shooting from a different Angle, such as lying on the grass, a lower or higher field of view on the roof or ladder, and you will be surprised.The contrast between the front and back of the picture can also create a different atmosphere. When shooting the subject, you can add some small objects in the foreground, such as grass, flowers or some small objects, to make the video look less boring.

Tip 3: Focus carefully on your shots

Due to the mobile phone camera focusing mechanism, is not as good as camera manual focus effect, so to join in the process of shooting video to choose to focus on, there will be a slow process right fuzzy to clear picture, it is easy to affect the viewer's attention, so, if not the deliberate, before pressing the camera key, best turn off automatically after focal function.

In addition, it is necessary to find the right focus first, avoid focusing again in the process of shooting, to ensure the smoothness of the picture.

Tip 4 :Pay attention to light at night in low light environment

In the environment of low light or night scene, noise is easy to appear in the video shot by mobile phone, which will affect the beauty of beauty. In the absence of professional equipment, it is better to take advantage of the surrounding lights, such as street lamps, advertising lights at bus stations, indoor lights, etc.If the subject is human, we should try our best to make these lights hit the faces of the characters, or shoot the subjects with backlight to form a contrast, which will make the video more artistic.

Tip 5: The photographer kept quiet

In general, we use the phone video are recorded some scenes of everyday life, some people like to shoot while what to say, you will find that when back to see the video, because the photographer near microphone, speaking will appear when the volume is very big, the feeling is very noisy, and as such a role, as to when a earnestly.

Tip 6: Make good use of post processing

If you have taken the effect of more have the pursue, is good at using late editing software, if you don't try so hard to modify, Suggestions on the computer and practical professional video editing software is best, but will not covered here, today, the direct use of mobile phones will be introduced to the editing video, although edit video on mobile phones is far from enough computer to professional and strong, but for light users, especially away from home, eager to share video, is recommended.If you are an iPhone user, iMovie is a good choice. It features simple operation, smooth operation, quick start, and supports 1080P output. Various special scenes and special effects can also meet your needs, and you can quickly and conveniently cut several videos you shoot into the desired effect.

For Android users, the movie is relatively convenient. In addition to the common editing function, there are a lot of materials for downloading, such as filters, transitions, subtitles, special effects, etc. However, the configuration of Android phones is different, so the running speed of the software varies from phone to phone.Iwatatech is an independent brand specialized in the design, research and development, production, sales and service of LED photography supplementary light lamps.We are committed to developing camera lighting, waterproof lighting, hand-held ice lighting and other photographic lighting products.Products are widely used in photography, video shooting, live broadcasting and other fields.



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