What are the differences and advantages between LED photography lighting and traditional photography lighting?


What is the difference between LED photography light and traditional photography light?The answer to this question is certain, LED photography lights must be king!We can see LED products everywhere in our life, such as LED lights, LED displays, LED advertising screens, LED bulbs and so on.Compared with traditional photography lights, LED lamps and lanterns of photography has high brightness, color temperature precision, energy conservation, environmental protection, long life and other advantages, not only such, LED photography lights usually has double power supply mode, can use alternating current (ac) can also use the lithium battery for power supply, can be indoor and outdoor filming fill light, also better than the traditional photography lights easy to carry.In addition, the rapid change of color temperature is also a major advantage of LED photography light compared with traditional photography light.At present, LED photography lights generally have two-color temperature, which can be switched freely between 3000K and 5500K, which greatly improves the possibility of photography creativity and satisfies the needs of photography lovers.Based on these features and advantages of LED photography lights, our company immediately became the object of pursuit for professional photographers and photography fans after launching various LED photography lights. Our featured products include Genius Light series、Master E series、Genius Pro series、 Genius Light Color series、 Master R series and Genius Sweet series.With the increasing popularity of LED, LED photography light has replaced the traditional photography light to become the most widely applicable lighting equipment photography practitioners!The product diagram is shown in the following figure:

Genius Light

Master E

Genius Pro

Genius Light Color

Master R

Genius Sweet

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