What products does the lighting company produce?


As its name suggests, lights company is the company that produces illume lamps and lanterns, light also is cent a lot of kinds, for example, light includes photograph to fill light , flash, lamp, fluorescent lamp, oil lamp, kerosene lamp, copper lamp, iron lamp, horse lamp, wall lamp, street lamp, etc;Decorative lights include neon lights, lanterns, lanterns, lantern, cartoon lights, palace lights, and so on;Special function lights include shadowless lights, search lights, chase lights and so on.Above is the classification of lights. iwatatech Co, Ltd,is a high-tech innovation company, consisting of r&d center processing plant and head office in Guangzhou, China, trading company in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and liaison office in Tokyo, Japan.We specialize in lighting and accessories for photo, video and film shooting.The company is staffed by a young and creative r&d team with years of experience in high-end industrial instruments and has maintained accuracy and reliability.We have a complete line of industrial and consumer products.Adhering to the belief of "craftsman spirit", we put safety in the first place, love innovation, make the design conform to industry standards and meet professional needs, in order to provide the best user experience.The main featured products are: Genius Light, MA-03 Master S, Genius Light Color, Master E, Master R, Genius Pro, Genius Sweet, Element Ti.


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