What is LED fill light?


LED commonly known as light emitting diode, LED the core part is composed of p-type and n-type semiconductor semiconductor light-emitting chip, LED to the p-n junction with the forward voltage, when the forward current through the wire on the LED chip, electronic will be to the p-type semiconductor area, electron and holes in the P zone compound, then issued in the form of photon energy, this is the principle of LED.It can convert electric energy into light energy directly. It belongs to cold light source, also called semiconductor solid state light source.So-called fill light lamp is to project to be illuminated with specific light object, direct or indirect pass a kind of special illume equipment that gets the light to complement a purpose.When used to promote photosynthesis in plants, light is directly supplied;When it is used to improve the illumination of the environment and the low illumination of the camera, it is the scene to be shot by the specific light illumination, so that the camera can shoot a good picture, which is indirectly supplemented by the light.The light source of the supplementary light lamp usually has LED, metal halide lamp, fluorescent lamp, high pressure sodium, incandescent lamp, iodine tungsten lamp, xenon gas lamp (HID) and so on.


LED fill light lamp rely on small current drive semiconductor device light, is environmental protection product, energy consumption is small, brightness is high, can be used for a variety of occasions.For example, home interior lighting, office lighting, night landscape background color lighting, road or block night lighting, as well as a variety of silver screen backlight fill light, photography not only and so on.As the public security and traffic police have higher and higher requirements for monitoring picture quality, LED supplementary light is widely used in electronic police, bayonet, intelligent traffic, safe city, residential entrance, parking lot, and other monitoring projects.The xenon gas lamp used for the original high-def capture of the catch light has a high intensity of light, which has an impact on drivers.Leds, on the other hand, are relatively soft, so xenon lights will slowly be replaced by high-brightness LED strobe lights.


LED fill light classification

(1) Indoor LED lighting

(2) Landscape LED lighting

(3) Street LED lighting

Special LED lighting

1.LED plants to fill the light

2.LED security monitoring supplementary light lamp

  1. LED agricultural plant growth supplementary light lamp

4.LED Fishing trap light (fishing trap light)

  1. LED infrared monitoring supplementary light lamp
  2. LED white snapshot fill light

7.LED electronic police bayonet filling light lamp

8.LED screen backlight fill light lamp

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