What light is used to take the picture?


If you take a picture, it is usually called a photographic light or a photographic supplementary light. If you search in this way, there will be more answers.But today is to give you the answer. As we all know, in the process of shooting under dark light, photography cannot be done without photographic light. Whether indoor or outdoor, photographic light plays a very important role in daily shooting.For example, improve the texture of the picture, the character's eye light, etc.Below, the author introduces the classification and characteristics of photographic light:Photography lamps can be broadly classified into: tri-chrominance primary cold light lamps, LED fill light lamps, halogen lamps, spotlights, flash lamps, stage lamps, photography lamps, news lamps, dysprosium lamps.

1.three primary color cold light lamp: color temperature accuracy, cold light source, mainly used for studio, conference room.

  1. LED supplementary light: energy saving, long life, adjustable color and temperature, ultra-thin and light, easy to carry.
  2. Halogen lamp: traditional lamps and lanterns, thermal light source.
  3. Spotlight: mainly used for stage and studio.
  4. Flash: Stage, song stage.
  5. Stage lights: There are many kinds of stage lights, which can create a stage atmosphere.
  6. External shooting light: Easy to carry, suitable for temporary shooting.
  7. News lamp: It is a must for photographers and cameramen, easy to carry, light and practical.

9.Dysprosium lamp: Used in film and television production.

The above nine categories and features for you to choose, I hope to help you.Iwatatech specializes in the production of all kinds of photographic supplementary Light, including: Genius Light, MA-03 Master S, Genius Light Color, Master E, Master R, Genius Pro, Genius Sweet, Element Ti and other products.The company has established a long history, well-known old brands, and has cooperation with countries all over the world, is a reliable old brand.

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